Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Morning Surprise


5:45 AM, and I stop at the local 7-11 for my 24 oz. cuppa joe.

There, I see two CD display boxes by the checkout counter.

The new Jonas Brothers CD has a little white piece o' paper, with a handwritten $6.99.

I smugly felt a little sorry for the discounted Jonas Brothers.

Glancing right, I saw the remastered Revolver by EMI recording artists The Be*tles.


handwritten, thick black Sharpie.

I didn't feel as smug.

I bought yet another copy of Revolver.

That's about the twelfth. . . .


thingy said...


That hurts, but one possible reason is that perhaps everyone has twelve copies like you do.

Good to know about the Jonas Bros.

mister muleboy said...

I think it could also be that CDs are finally the cassettes of 2010.

There are still car players that will accommodate them, but no one really uses or buys them anymore.

Good thing they remastered the Beatles catalogue, so that the versions could then be converted to shitty mp3s. . . .

Alex said...

I've got three copies on vinyl (2 American versions & 1 British).

I don't need to specify that I'm not talking about the Jonas Bros., do I?

mister muleboy said...

I was *pretty* sure you meant Revolver. . . .

I bought my first copy AFTER reading "Illustrated Record," so I went to Korvette's to buy "the British Import" - and therefore I never owned the American.

You know, it's not half bad . . . .