Friday, January 8, 2010

A Man Out of TIme

That whacky Mythical Monkey linked to an Elvis Costello video in one of his comments, sending me down the YouTube wormhole.

I feared I would never escape.

During my time in that far-off land, I stumbled across a performance of Man Out of Time that I'd never seen.

It moved me, and I therefore share it with you:


Lupner doesn't have that kind of cash said...

One of my favorite voices, and yet I've only seen him once, oh so many years ago. That show in MD where Squeeze opened -- I think you were there, Mister Mule, yes? Anyhow, when I heard he was coming to Richmond this Spring to play in a relatively small venue, thought I'd make a point to get to the show. 'Til I discovered that the available tix ranged from $167-$237.


Jean Siskill said...

I, too, got advance word that he was going to play The National, only to learn that he [well, the promoter] was to receive that much moolah.

I balked.

Like that Lupner woman. . . .