Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joey Ramone, Musical Patron

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This is one of my favourite photos of Joey Ramone.

And not just because it's one of mine.

It's because I dig the image, and I love his love for Holly Beth Vincent, musician.

Joey hired me, through the local promoter, to chronicle his "Joey Ramone Presents the New York Club Scene" tour stop in Washington, DC at the Bayou.  He was as gracious and cool as you could be, having me shoot photos of him holding a fan's baby [!], hanging out with the other musicians, etc.

But I was struck by his joy in joining the other bands/musicians, and his desire to promote them and pass attention to them.  He was a patron of the NY club scene, and he was working his ass off to get others to appreciate his fellow rockers' work.

The next photo is less pleasing visually, but a testament to the patronage I describe:  imagine him lovingly watching Johnny Ramone play a solo.

He wouldn't even look at Johnny. . . .

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PS  Yes, I'm vamping.  With the complexities of life right now, and a heavy workload in my day job as trade representative agriculture sampler chartered accountant,
I have no chance to offer you a goddamned thing.

BUT by next week -- real content.

My year-end appraisal of Barry Obama's Wonderlust Tour; my predictions for 2010; and a photo tribute to DOn Rickles. . . .


Mythical Monkey said...

BUT by next week -- real content.

This sure looks like real content to me!

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Hear, hear

mister muleboy said...

yes, Holly's shirt says Die Yuppie Scum. . . .