Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Hollies Video, my friends, courtesy of Clicks and Pops

The delightful Clicks and Pops weblog, authored by young Alex Stein, recently featured a post extolling the virtues of mono mixes from our yesterheroes o' the 'sixties.

He is damned right, of course, and eloquent to boot.

But fuck all that: he linked to a YouTube video ' The Hollies that rawks my world, so I am linking to it to. It is fantabuphenomelous.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I think EVERYONE should post this video. Just flat-out amazing and a complete joy.

Alex said...

Thanks for the shout-out. (And isn't Graham Nash's guitar cool?)

Lupner said...

Somehow I missed this when you first posted it, am glad I kept scrolling . . . Fantastic. Was sure I had never heard the Hollies' fantabulous version until now, but that I did know the song -- had to look up that it was Linda Ronstadt who covered it back in 1980.

mister muleboy said...

Lupner -- you simply must scroll down -- through all five years o' the blog.

Why, I go back and update and change things ALL the time.

And you may get back to a time when I was entertttttaining!!

[that's a lotta months ago, though. . . .]

Lupner digs this blog said...

Five years???! Get outta town.

It's always entertaining, sometimes even in ways you may not expect -- or more likely carefully planned. For instance -- and speaking of the past five years -- when I first saw your post for PMT that turned out to be re: Bourbons -- my neurons fired on the biscuit plus the gettin' some, and of course immediately went to the infamous WB term. I can't even type it. But I was entertained upon discovering the joke.

mister muleboy said...

mmediately went to the infamous WB term. I can't even type it

So lemme get this straight: the girl who hurls the word twat like "hello" can't say whisker biscuit . . . ?

I think she doth don her innocence in jest!

Glad you got it , btw

it's secret to about 4 o' us, you know

no one else remembers WB

Lupner said...

Too bad for those who've forgotten WB. Such a fine moment in the Mule's history.

I do think 'twat' is a much more delicate term. I might as well be saying 'twinkie.' That's all I'm sayin'.

Did I ever tell you about my friend from Nawlins whose mother thought 'twat' meant derriere, backside, tookus, etc.? This very gentile Southern Belle mother used to reign in her children all over town saying, "Get your twat(s) over here right now!" Particularly embarrassing for the male child, I'd expect -- but thankfully he remained ignorant along with the rest until the oldest reached college and discovered the shocking truth . . . .

mister muleboy said...

I do think 'twat' is a much more delicate term. I might as well be saying 'twinkie.' That's all I'm sayin'.


We was raised different.

I always thought twat was vulgar, but inventively, continentally vulgar.

Now trim, that's a delicate term!

just sayin'. . . .

Sheltered chick said...

Perhaps I'd have found the word more vulgar if I'd heard it before I was 20 years old -- and not via such a comical context, dunno . . .