Sunday, January 24, 2010

ha ha ha -- that old fukker

now that l'il jimmy watson is leaving behind his forties and entering the gray years, let me extend a Mule hand to help him to his feet -- knees creaking.

Word has it he's been treated very well this weekend.

He got an early birthday gift:


l'il jimmy watson said...

up yours.


Lupner said...

I can't believe you are actually acknowledging your birthday. Wishing you a very happy one, L'il Jimmy!

Nice guitar.

Btw, I was in the Guitar Ctr. a few weeks ago with gentleman friend, and found myself quite drawn to one that seemed just lovely, one that I might choose if I could play more than a few chords and was in the market. So I walked across the store to check it out, and wouldn't you know it turned out to be a Squier . . .

l'il jimmy watson said...

I'll have you know that I have acknowledged nothing!

Except that the Muleboy is an arse.

Next question -- does gentleman friend have a name?

Mister Parker said...

Happy birthday, l'il Jimmy.

Tomanonymous said...

HBD. Was wondering what the actual date was. Will be joining you in decrepitude this fall.

When is that new geetar coming over for storage? I've got a few Squiers you can take back with you.

The Jestaplero said...

Happy Birthday, old fukker

Man that is a handsome birthday gift! I like "clownburst." Thank *God* it's not a Studio. SOMEbody has taste!

Tomanonymous said...

Unless lighting tricks are involved, that does not appear to be a clownbust whatsoever, Otis.

Lupner said...

'Next question -- does gentleman friend have a name?'

Yes, he does.

Happy Birthday, friend. You've made this world a much better and more interesting place, whether you want to acknowledge it or not . . . JUST SAYIN'!