Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Critics Are In . . .

. . . on the latest Husky Navarro record.


Tomanonymous said...

But the silence was deafening!?!?!

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Mr. Mule, if you got a nickle for every time you sent me to Google or Wikipedia you'd have ... some nickles. But tell me true: are you seriously in a new band called Husky Navarro whose record i should buy or ...? (I am very old and have been out all night, so pls. forgive me.) :-)

mister muleboy said...

Mister Muleboy is indeed the heart and soul of one of the finest egy powerpop groups working today: Husky Navarro.

If by "working" we mean "sidelined by some lame, tone-driven guitarist bastards who utterly ruined the mind-blowing, genre-bending exploration of 1999 conceived and executed by Mister Muleboy. . . .

I'm sorry; did I get carried away?

Yes -- Husky Navarro is the excellent successor to my earlier, kid-0friendly band Black Puss.

That, too, met with dissension from the guitarists and discord within Husky Navarro.

Six-string weenies, says I . . . !

PS Word Verification is "pitylat" -- DAMNED close to "pity, that"

which applies to the guitarists who ruined Husky Navarro