Monday, January 4, 2010

The Critical Eye

So the holidays were their normal sucky time for me.

I have no holiday traditions, and never have. SO the whole thing makes me feel more alone than you could imagine. Accordingly, I spent lots of it by myself looking inward and detesting the contents. But you all know that rap.

I saw next-to-no friends

But I wasn't alone, and there were lots of things to celebrate (and I distinguish this from "things for which I'm grateful: the health of my children, my job, my charm and manly good looks, etc.).

I avoided buying a bass that I don't need. That was smart.

And my lady friend did explain to me that while Avatar was a decent, fun movie-going experience,

she preferred A Night at the Opera.

Life is sweet. . . .

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Katie said...

She's definitely a keeper!