Monday, December 7, 2009

. . . some have stupid thrust upon them.

So I'm on the QT about the weekend. But I can recall for you that I dined with, and saw a play with, the Muleboy and the Jestaplero.

Fifteen minutes into the play, I realized that my trusts key lock [adhering the keys to me and m' belt] was unadorned with keys. I panicked, but in my mild-mannered way.

You see, I'm a strong advocate for, and proponent of,

The Club.

An anti-theft device for cars. Certainly not impenetrable, but one of the great deterrents and thief-slowers around.

I put mine on the car in Clevel
New Yo
the big foreign city. Not MY car, of course -- someone else's car.

I had but one key.

Wait; no I didn't. For I had NO keys. . . .

My car was hundreds of miles away.

the keys to my car were also on the lost keychain.


So I needed a locksmith, on the weekend, in a city far, far from home, while knowing that I'd need a locksmith close to home once I freed the Clubbed vehicle and drove it back to my stranded car.

A sad tale. One of confusion, anxiety, panic, anger, and loss.

But I offer a lesson. One you should take with you always.

It takes a Russian "locksmith" less time to grind/saw his way through The Club than it took for me to count the ample currency he got for liberating the car.

* sigh *

We swung through Little Italy on the way out of a botched vacation, picking up cannoli.

After all, it brought to mind that famous Italian "locksmith" who said: Leave the gun; take the cannoli.


Little Johnny Jewel said...

Yikes. Running out of petrol. Losing your keys. Trying the Phal (you tried the Phal again, didn't you?). Not seeing The Spunk Lads farewell show.
What a sequence of events...

Glad you could find somebody who could get you into your motor. Hopefully for less than the value of the car.

¡barangus!™ said...

He's driving a 1989 Cutlass.


It's a flippin priceless antique!

mister muleboy said...

He's driving a 1989 Cutlass.


He's driving a 1989 Cutlass Ciera!!

The subject Club vehicle was and is a Mini Cooper S.

The sparks that flew around the cabin were (I hear) . . . impressive!

Lupner said...

That is a very sad story indeed, but it was so well told that I'm almost glad it happened. Although it would have been infinitely better as fiction, of course. Is what I mean to say.

Thank God for cannoli.