Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I never quite accepted the Pixies.

Sure, I bought the records, and sorta knew the records.

But the predominating lack of melody and lack of easily-conceived song structure didn't appeal to my Beatles-trained self. Black Francis had a killer rock voice, I must say, but all in all, I liked Kim's Breeders as much or more.

nevertheless, I bought admission for me and the distaff side to the Doolittle recreation at DAR.

What a horrible, ugly notion -- playing an album start-to-finish, recreating its notes and structure. No drama, little fun. Although the Pixies get credited with encouraging the trend, I think we all know that Cheap Trick started the modern round o' album recreation in their 1998 New York and ChiTown stints hawking the first three records.

Well, lemme tell ya -- a recreation of an album, note nor note, is really fucking cool for an audience member who isn't committed to the album.

I dug the Pixies, and the show. GREAT to see a front man with much bigger teats than mine.


t-o-n said...

I hear you. The Pixies are a heroic band to a certain kind of music fan, but I'm not really that kind of fan. And the "album tour" concept is something I'm more against than for.

But that show was an awful lot of fun. Hope to get my own post up soon.

mister muleboy said...

So, t-o-n,
These stubs tumbled out of a photo album that I found when I was moving a couple of months ago.

So are these stubs collected anywhere for one wild ride through your arena rock ride?

My ride predates yours by more than a little bit:

you can see some of them here.

glad you enjoyed the Pixies!