Friday, December 11, 2009

My Favourite Biscuit Hound

Chico's favorite people were actors who gambled, producers who gambled, and women who screwed.
-- Gummo Marx

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This man threw away so much on women and cards.

Gahd bless 'im!!!

As I am wont to point out, his name is pronounced Chick-oh, not Cheek-oh; he got his name from his love and pursuit of the chicks.*

I hereby declare today Chico Marx day in the eastern United States.

*Wikipedia suggests that the term at the time was "chicken-chaser" -- I like that!

Better than "Biscuit Hound," I suspect. . . .


Margaret Dumont said...

I was dismayed when NYTimes movie guy, Tony Scott, in a video tribute to Duck Soup pronounced it "CHEEK-oh" throughout the vid.

Mister Parker said...

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Chico was originally called Bisco, which itself was a compromise from his original original name, Furpie-o ...

Bellotoot said...

Monsieur Mule - You revive a long-standing pronunciation dilemma. Chick-o or Cheek-o? Chick-o (apparently unquestionably) is the original and accurately descriptive pronunciation of Mr. Leonard Marx's nickname. Groucho used it exclusively, as far as I know. Dick Cavett also customarily short-i'd it, but did so, according to my lights, when and because Groucho was (or had been) sitting right in front of him. Cheek-o, however, was the only pronunciation I ever heard from anybody else. So the rule I discerned was: say Cheek-o unless you are Groucho or you are sitting next to Groucho. Otherwise, (to me) Chick-o seems pompous, presumptuous and overfamiliar, albeit correct. (Had I met Groucho's oldest brother, the pronunciation dilemma would not have arisen - I'd have called him Mr. Marx.) I have followed this rule for many years and would resent my own chutzpah should I vary from it. Unless, happily, I someday find myself sitting next to Groucho.

chick-0 said...

Oh a-yeah?

Well a-fuck a-y

['ats'a some joke, eh boss? ]

Mythical Monkey said...

sitting next to Groucho.

This just edged in front of "passing over Jordan" as my favorite euphemism for death.