Monday, December 7, 2009

High Def

This just in from Nationals Journal:

This, too, will be of interest for Nats followers: MASN has just announced its launch of MASN 2 HD, which means that in 2010, every Nats game will broadcast in high-def. Same goes for the Orioles, whose games are also carried on MASN or MASN 2. According to the MASN release, "the majority of MASN's cable and satellite affiliates will be prepared to carry the channel for the 2010 MLB campaign throughout the network's seven-state television territory."

whoop de doo.

Rob Carpenter, Rob Dibble, and Rob Villone in hi-def

yes, I do know that it's Ron Villone. . . .

1 comment:

Mythical Monkey said...

When you watch a train wreck, you want to watch it in hi-def.

I do, anyway ...