Monday, December 14, 2009

for tomanonymous -- The Good Rats Victory in Space

so this geeky dark-haired stringbean met up with this bespectacled geeky blond dude wearing a Cheap Trick shirt.

The geeky dark-haired guy played guitar.

he recommended covering this song:

despite this recommendation, their friendship survived and flourished. Through good times and bad.

In sad times and in joyous ones.

Through democrats and republicans

through inflation, deflation, bubbles, and bursts. or busts.

Busts, headlamps, hooters, sweater camels, cans, tomatoes.

You name it.

I give you The Good Rats, "performing" their "hit" Victory in Space

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Tomanonymous said...

I was young. That is no longer a problem.