Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upcoming Evening Rig Shows!!!

The Evening Rig has* suggested that they'll be touring far from home during 2010 -- alas, they won't be coming all the way to the East Coast (at least not yet).

Before they embark on their journey
tour, they'll play some hometown shows.

The lucky ducks in the Mpls. area will have multiple chances to catch shows by these rocking people.

Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue

December 18
Sauce Spirits and Soundbar
3001 Lyndale Ave. S

New Year's Eve
December 31
Hexagon Bar

Don't miss these cats.  Amazing songs, great vox, kick-ass drummer.

Hmmm; heaven on earth. . . .?

* for Panna Mukta Tapti

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Saturday I'm in town, the Triple Rock is a great venue, Ms. Who is psyched for the show and ... NATURALLY i just now see it's the same night my good friend Charlie Mac has invited us to see HIS band play out in the hinterlands!! I dunno what i'm gonna do. I may try 'n hit both places. But thanks for the itinerary & Ms. Who & I will definitely hit one if not two of these dates!