Monday, November 9, 2009

Storen Up Some Goodwill

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Don't you love post titles that involve a really bad pun?

(1) Drew Storen is now my favourite Nat, and the second-greatest ballplayer of all times. You can read one of his blog entries if you know where to look. . . .

He'll be in the bigs on/by June 1. mark my word [I'd say he'll make it coming outta camp, but why shouldn't a crap club get an extra year o' pre-arbitration service outta the guy?].

(2) The Nationals really fucked up by helping me realize that I can live without baseball. I watched exactly zero innings o' the World Series this year.

Bastardos. . . .


Mister Parker said...

I think he might make the club right out of camp, but by May for sure. When you've got a talented reliever in the minors and the chief weakness of your 103 loss team is the bullpen, they won't wait long.

Anonymous said...

Won't you please come back to baseball? I missed you this summer.