Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Seqond Coming

The Phoenix Desert Dogs won the East Division of the AFL and will play the dread Peoria Javelinas on Saturday for the AFL championship. The game is at 2:15 ET on the MLB Network and Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to start.


Mythical Monkey said...

I think I've read that Strasburg's ERA is pretty high but that at the same time, his fastball is as lively as advertised. I think unless the Nationals suddenly find themselves in the thick of a pennant race, there's no payoff in rushing him to the majors. But so far so good, Otis.

mister muleboy said...

I understand that he really only had one bad outing, ballooning an otherwise kickass ERA

Many scouts watching him now are saying he's better than they thought.

I would let him mow down the talent, get his head caved in a few times, and then get him up to not get settled into a notion of Double-A or college hitters being like major-league hitters -- while telling him that you'll want him to get more starts down on the farm.

NO ONE will do what I suggest -- he's too celebrated to get away with it.

Mister S. said...

Blowing away hitters in the AFL is nice, but the smart move would be to give this guy pretty much all of the next two seasons in the minors. College pitchers only throw about 100 innings a season (against the likes of Fresno State) and he'll need time to build up to a major leage season. The O's followed this pattern with Mike Mussina (a first round pick in 1988) and it worked out pretty well.

Of course, the Nats are desperate, so they'll probably shuttle him between AA and AAA for three months, and stick him in the rotation by mid-season. The O's followed this pattern with their first round pick in 1989 (and first overall pick) Ben McDonald. Worked out less well.

The Big Train said...

Only hope for Nats fans:

rizzo is not Bowden

Mister Parker said...

rizzo is not Bowden

So far he seems like the anti-Bowden, especially with his emphasis on proven baseball skills rather than general athletic prowess and potential.