Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pop Pop Pop

I see that the International Pop Overthrow has settled in at Kenny's Castaways this year for its New York happening. Sadly, earlier venues have gone the way o' the dodo. . .

In any event, any o' you New York folks who are out and about this Friday -- yes, Friday the sixth -- who don't make your way down in order to hear the Grip Weeds are

well, you're poo poo panties, that's what you are.

The Grip Weeds (please just listen to the song -- videos will fuck you up!):

Friday, November 6
Kenny's Castaways
157 Bleecker St.
New York
212 979-9762

..8:00 Jana Peri
..8:30 Cracked Latin
..9:00 Sonic Blue Sound Revue (feat. Michael Mazzarella)
10:00 Dreaming In Stereo
10:30 The Next Big Thing
11:00 The Grip Weeds
12:00 Dave Rave

While you're at it, get there early for Dreaming in Stereo -- they don't suck either!! As you can see here:

1 comment:

stoogepie said...

Okay, I will be there, but only for the Grip Weeds.

Any other New Yorkers out there? I will be in the balcony whether it's open or not.