Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time To Check My Predictions!

Here's what I predicted for the Washington Nationals on April 6, 2009
[real results in red]:

1. 2009 win total – 67 [59]
2. Attendance at Nationals Park (81 dates; last year’s was 2.32 million) – 1.88 [1,817,360]
3. All-star representative(s) – Nick Johnson [.377 avg. at the break; high slugging and OBP] [Ryan Zimmerman]
4. Adam Dunn’s home run total – 38 [38 !!!]
5. Date of Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut – Aug. 4, 2009 [but not appearing for the Washington Nationals, who will bravely -- and wisely -- bow out of the drama; the slugger the Nats pick will suit up with an interlocking "DC" for fourteen years, and will be nicknamed "Screech" by an adoring fanbase] [ not yet known, but I patently fucked this one up].

6. Nick Johnson’s total games played – 122 [133; mostly for the Marlins]
7. Wins for John Lannan – 14 [9]
8. Percentage of season Dmitri Young spends in big leagues, not on DL – 50% [0%. Oooops]
9. Josh Willingham’s total at bats – who? [427]
10. Innings pitched for Daniel Cabrera – 119 [4.44 ERA] [51]
11. Team ERA leader, among starters – Shawn Hill, 3.93. OOOoooooooops. . . .
Zimmermann, 3.95 [Lannan; 3.88. Zimmermann was 4.63 until injured]
12. Team batting average leader, among starters – Nick Johnson, .314 ["Spanky" Zimmerman .292]
13. Biggest surprise – Austin Kearns [well, yes; but not in a good way]
14. Biggest disappointment – Ryan Zimmerman [Austin Kearns]
15. Current minor leaguer (not counting Zimmermann) who will make an impact – Mike Bacsi . . . . [Detwiler]
I haven't a clue

End-of-year rotation: Lannan, Olsen, Pedro Martinez, Zimmermann, Stammen [Lannan; Livan Hernandez; Mock; J.D. Martin; Detwiler]

Pedro will the first pitcher ever drilled by his own teammates. [no; that would be Daniel Cabrera]

What a woeful team. And not really much fun. . . .

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Mister Parker said...

The picks for attendance and Dunn's homer totals were right on. Nobody but the most moody, pessimistic bastard on the planet could have predicted the Nats would lose more games than they did last year. And only a peyote-gobbling junkie could have predicted the final starting rotation.

Your early Spanky-phobia played into dissing Zimmerman, but otherwise your picks were reasonable.

Nick Johnson, by the way, wound up hitting .291 for the year, but .295 while in Washington. In a sense, he had the highest average on the team ...