Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mulecestors, No. 2 ; The Boogie Queen No. 8

The Ancestors O' the Mule:

Please click photo to enlarge

The taller [yeah; about 4'10"] woman wearing round glasses, sitting on the boot o' the car, would be the Muleboy's Great-Aunt Mary. The girl under her left wing, to our viewing right -- the one with the little page girl haircut -- would be the Boogie Queen, age nine.

I don't know who those other people are. Whilst the Boogie Queen lives, I shall ask her.

The Mulecestors were an . . . unusual bunch.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Senor Mule! Absoluely wonderful photo! Do you know what make of car that boot, upon which yon handsome family sat, was upon in 1932?

(My Missouri mom has – and I also will soon have & then will scan & post, once I have a copy of the dang photo AND get a flatbed scanner – photos of the car in which my mom, her 2 sisters & her parents & all their worldly possessions made that California trip of which Woody G. spoke, after losing their Missouri farm. A couple years later, with the help of a prez by the name-o-Roosevelt, and after living in tenant housing on the Calif. chicken farm on which my grandpa found work, they made it back to Missouri in that same car. My mom says it was a Model A -- which it may have been, but in these matters, trust but verify is my motto ...)

If your family car there with Missouri Plates is also a Model A, I will say that’s a Coincidence Too Far. :-)

l'il jimmy watson said...

Thanks to my cousin mister muleboy for posting.

And now, on to Who, another cousin:

Here's a shot of a 1928 Model A that looks eerily similar to the vehicle in my photo.


my broken folks [paternal] did not make the trek to the Golden State; they stayed in a dirt-poor part of the Ozarks where they were . . . . dirt poor.

my broken folks [maternal] were merely poor, and had relatives who could keep them afloat. Although they each ate one meal a day, at best.

more fotos to phollow