Friday, October 16, 2009

A JAM-PACKED Collection O' Thums Up !

Hmmmm -- business [many would spell it busyness] has kept me away from these virtual pages, and from you, for quite a while.

And it has largely kept me out o' the flicks.

So here are some capsule reviews o' the few flicks I've caught recently.

I give a Thums Up to each, while admitting that each has flaws and that they have greater or lesser charm, depending on your mood and dick size.

On to the features!

Drew Barrymore's Whip It -- no, there's nothing new here.

But instead of saying "move along, there's nothing to see," I say "pull up a chair and a tub o' popcorn, with a lb. o' salt, and watch it.
Whip It click to enlarge

"Girl finds herself through sports / alternative expression" -- you don't always see the two expressed [sports/alternative] in the same sentence, but they both are expressions of the rebellious "finding oneself" of Ellen Page's character.

It's worth it. Ellen Page is real, and she can bring it.

The surprises: Marcia Gay Harden in a thanklessly predictable role that she makes less predictable; Kristen Wiig as a multilayered, multifaceted REAL person [to date, she's played cartoons in films]; Daniel Stern in a predictable character who remains predictable. But real.

The action of the roller derby is amazing.

Whip It Scene click to enlarge

And the competitors' names are worth the price o' admission . . . .


I love Juliette Binoche.

I love her. As she matures, and becomes a nearly-middle-aged woman, she is so radiant and breathtakingly beautiful that I shudder.
please click this to enlarge, really enlarge. . . .
She's at the center o' the film.

The character is not radiant. And she somehow tones it down.

The film is, as you've heard, a love song to Paris. But in muted tones, with a minor key, and a haunting melody.

Paris Stroll click to enlarge

It has lots of different characters and lots of arcs. All interrelated.

There are no scenes bringing them all together in the end.

I loved it.

As I love Paris. So my own love song will include my pics, shot w/ me own two hands:

Our last night paris click to enlarge

Paranormal Activity: A horror movie. Like Blair Witch, it seeks verisimilitude. It's shot on video.
Paranormal click to enlarge

The performers are wholly believable. She's got great cans. He's a dick. She's scared.

Excellent. Scary. 'Nuff Said

The Invention of Lying
: I was disappointed. I love the premise. I love Ricky Gervais [althoug more in film, less in "The Office"]. I dislike the practice of Christianity. I love love and kindness.

What's not to like?

The cameos were distracting, the film stock looked odd, the premise was impossible to maintain.

Nevertheless, I liked it a lot, recommend it, and stick two Thums right up the ol' wazoo o' The Invention of Lying.

AND how can you not like a film that prominently, PROMINENTLY features the Eddie and the Hot Rods single Do Anything You Wanna Do ??!?!

I sure a ssssshit can't

Rods Still Click to enlarge

Not only that, the single is followed by Elvis Costello covering Cat Stevens. Brilliant !

Just to make you happy, here's a live performance of Eddie and the Hot Rods. It can't compete with the single, but it's damned fun!

[Did I use " o' " enough? ]

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