Monday, October 19, 2009

Hmmmm -- at least one thing accomplished since January.

As many of you know, I'm an addict. An alcoholic, since the booze is easy to come by, and unquestioningly thrust upon every man, woman, and jackalope among us. The reefer isn't my drug of choice. But I'm sure that I'm a reefer addict.

So I'm scared o' the stuff. I think it's bad, I think it doesn't do much good [unless you're running midnight screenings of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and I think it does lots and lots of harm. And the New Weed does much more harm than anything any o' you aging protopunks waded through.

But the idea that the Feds prohibit its use or possession pisses me of. It's wrong, it's misguided, its pointless, and its damaging.

The idea that the Feds ban it in the face of individual state decisions, under the police powers of the individual states, to sanction it is infuriating, offensive, and indefensible.


So Barry and the gang have done the right thing.

It's a politically difficult thing: who wants to be soft on drugs? Well, the answer is any politician brave enough to stand up to the manipulative advocates fucks who wrap everything up in a simplistic, moralistic judgment, eager to demonize anyone who expresses the notion, embraced by every ten-year-old in America, that some issues are complex.

Those people name things Patriot Act, War on Drugs, Internet Decency -- and who wants to be unpatriotic, indecent, or drugged-out?

So huzzah to the Obama Administration for being adults, and actually implementing Change.

Unfortunately, the administration seems willing, if not prone, to engage in the same demagogic, manipulative rhetoric to ram through its own ideas; engaging in patently-manipulative linking and and fear tactics to escape the difficulty of engaging the debate and the issues. Or at least they did on stimulus, emissions/carbon credits/health care.

Maybe they've figured out that, although stupid people walk the face o' the earth in startling numbers, there are a lot of grownups out here waiting to really engage the issues, and to deal with the subtleties, nuances, difficulties, and compromises involved in effectively governing and truly progressing.

Nah. Who the fuck am I kidding. They got one right. They'll never change dick.

$%^&^#&$ grumble grumble grumble

You know, Obama's blog suggests that I am intellectualy lazy, morally hazy, and unwilling to spend eight minutes stringing together coherent, thoughtful pieces.


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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Drug cartels, thugs, pushers, narcotics cops & police departments that enjoy the fruits of drug forfeitures – they all love prohibition equally well, and I can see why.

But anyone else? Their support for the “drug war” (what an incredibly stupid term) makes no sense to me, not on a programmatic level (prohibition has never worked in a free society) and not on a policy level (how weird is it for any government to say, you know, I think we have a moral obligation to put you in jail if you dare to alter your consciousness in an unapproved way, if you decide to ingest any such substance into that-there body that you foolishly thought was “yours”). Course I don’t want my kids stumbling around & getting high – but the drug war does nothing to help me on that score. Billions of dollars later, weed, to take one example, is more abundant than ever, and precisely because of its illegality, it is as Mr. Mule notes, many times more potent than it otherwise would be.

Of course …I could be wrong! :-)