Thursday, October 22, 2009

So A Cause

So eleven years ago, l'il Johnny Sharples produced an LP for this Paula Carino chick.  He had played in her band Regular Einstein, and he was helping her demo up her songs.  I say "produced an LP" because the demos ultimately fell into place, organically, man, as an LP.  I dug what I heard.

So Paula has continued to make interesting music.

So now she's joined the cool trend of indie artists on limited budgets asking the people who would buy her record if they'll kinda buy it in advance.  Sort of fund the project.  But what it really does is test the market to assure that there are enough buyers to support the initial production.

hit this link, man

So this is done by setting a pledge amount, and letting people pledge their purchase. When she hits the target, the "buyers" get charged their purchase price (cheaper than retail), and the album
CD gets pressed
lasered up.

So I kinda dig the concept.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks for this great find! I totally love the concept -- and that link really, really works. So now I'm all, as Paula herself says, patrony!

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dude! You're the worst! But I mean, simultaneously, the best!

Look who you put me in touch with! Paula Carino just dropped me the coolest note to say thanks for my little $8 pledge. I hated to do it, but since she asked, I had to admit that it was all your doing. :-)