Saturday, October 10, 2009

A brief spaceholder

I'll be moving on to the films of 1928 within the next day or two.

Hang tight.

Ooooops; wrong blog.

Hell -- wrong blogger!

Things are a little. . . tough right now.


Mythical Monkey said...

Yeah yeah yeah. I'm working on an essay right now about achievements in sound: 1927-31. More research than usual. Plus Katie-Bar-The-Door is taking time off for a four day weekend.

Saw The Invention of Lying, which we liked. Watched a little Space Ghost on the Boomerang channel -- not Space Ghost: Coast to Coast but the original Space Ghost. Boy, it sure was a lousy cartoon. Love it.

How are you, bub?

stoogepie said...

Oooh, 1928! Steamboat Willie and Steamboat Bill Jr. both came out. I assume that Steamboat Bill Jr. was a hastily thrown together sequel to Steamboat Willie featuring nothing new but eye candy. Sweet.