Monday, August 24, 2009

We Like Kathleen Parker

Well, this is one general willing and eager to admit that

he likes Kathleen Parker

photo borrowed, in fair use, from the lovely Washington Post Writer's Group

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stoogepie said...

Kathleen is okay. First, she's cute. Second, she writes for a reputable rag. Third, she makes sense sometimes, which is the best that can be said of any political opinion writers of any stripe.

That said, I would respect her more if she became involved, even innocently, in a massive scheme to defraud the American public or in a scorching sex scandal. Until anyone involved even tangentially in the political world does one of those things, they never really capture my imagination. (Unless, of course, she or he is functionally retarded, absurdly incoherent, a pathological liar, or has one or more other glaring innate defects.)