Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thums Up to L'il Jimmy for his early review of Revanche

Back in January, L'il Jimmy Watson offered his quick appraisal of the Austrian film Revanche.

He gave it big Thums Up, concluding:

The performances are top-notch. The pacing is leisurely without being lethargic. The cinematography is excellent, as is the subtle scene/set/location design [I guess smart folk call that "Production Design"].

Well, it's finally entering a wider release, and is likely to show up at yer local art house [it came through DC very recently, and is in Baltimore now]. Friend o' the blog [well, friend of our contributor Rodger Eburt] Roger Ebert gave it three--and-a-half stars, and also the rare [semi-retired] Two Golden Thumbs.

As Ebert put it:

Rare is the thriller that is more about the reasons of people instead of the needs of the plot. * * * How often, after seeing a thriller, do you continue to think about the lives of its characters?

If you get a chance, catch this flick.

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stoogepie said...

You should have mentioned that the review contains a very sexy shot from the film with the caption, "**YAWN**...."

I will steal this movie immediately.