Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's zombies I'm the toaster


Little Johnny Jewel said...

I think you'll find that this is the toaster.

mister muleboy said...

The Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola ?

How odd.

I was listening to "Zombie" on my ride up into rural Maryland.

It forced me to text to blogger whilst driving.

I'm a sick man

Get Pissed, Destroy said...

cf Anarchy In the UK

Is this the MPLA?
Or is this the UDA?
Or is this the IRA?
I thought it was the UK or just
Another country
Another council tenancy

mister muleboy said...

was down with the song

was down with the MPLA

was working it into zombie or toasterland

I took a learjet and found myself suddenly sosorry