Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starlets I'd Like to Ball, No. 30

Okay -- she's anything but a starlet -- she's a mature, hot broad.

I have rarely even entertained the big "fantasy about movie star, sin't she hot," etc.-thingy.

Well, except for Dana Delaney.

And Kathryn Morris.

Okay; I do it a lot.

MAN did I want to bang "Hope" on thirtysomething.

Always; best shoulders in the biz [that's "show-dlers"]

Still do.

Mel Harris, as she was and as she is.

hubba hubba


stoogepie said...

I think she's pretty damn hot and Mel is divorced again so you might have a shot with her. I say go for it, dude.

mister muleboy said...

between us, we can shoot for ten divorces.

I'd go for a dozen, but that would be morally questionable. . . .