Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Apologies

First things first: I'm sorry.

The Grim Reaper, a sporadic contributor to the Mouth O' the Mule, acted out yesterday in an inappropriate way.

Currently beset by mental health issues, he appeared to correspond with another blogspot blogger.

One of questionable taste and judgment, from the looks of his site.

Certainly no one we'd accidentally promote.

The Grim Reaper posted a "nudie cutie."

This was wrong.

Gratuitous nudity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The Grim Reaper has been suspended from the Mouth o' the Mule.

When he shows that his mental health care, presumably a mix of meds and talk therapy, have had some effect, he may be invited to return -- a probationary return, I assure you.

This photo establishes the threshold for mental health -- for happiness -- that he must reach before he can again post:

We wish him well. Gahdspeed, mister GR


Mythical Monkey said...

Yes, I myself was deeply offended by the gratuitous nudity and checked back several times to renew my deeply felt sense of offended-osity.

Tod Tomorrow said...

It's all well and good to hear from the Mythical Monkey, but where is the conscience of the comments, mister parker?

We're woebegone, I tell you, woebegone

stoogepie said...

I, too, was deeply offended by that photograph's promise of illicit pleasure. That godless display of gratuitous sexuality literally made me quake! And then, after a few minutes, I stopped, had a cigarette, and took a nap.

It's probably worth mentioning that the photograph accompanying this post has the very same effect on me.

Fare thee well, Grim Reaper.

Erica said...

Lord knows I've lived my whole life in active displays of godless sexuality. But for those of us who use GoogleReader at work, it would help us not get fired if you placed images further down on the page.

But it's your gig, not mine!

Mister Parker said...

"The conscience of the comments"? I thought I was just the guy who verbally smacked you around from time to time, you know, for laughs.

If I had a conscience, I probably wouldn't comment at all ...