Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Evening Rig

So others are coming 'round to the Evening Rig.


has determined that they are flippin' great; I'm glad he hears the raging thunder of love that is Becky Hanten, their drummer.

Current fave songs [fuck, do I hate the word "fave"]:

from Is Doin' Stuff -- The Steve McQueens, Half Asleep, In Spite of All that Happened, The Hilltop Pines, and Right Where She Wants Me.

Yep, the first five tunes on the record.

from Never Been'er -- Never Been'er and So Many Things.

The play this Friday night in Minneapolis at Sauce, which is located at the corner of Lake and Lyndale.

I can't go because I live here in BF EGypt

Okay, I admit it -- I was last In Hagerstown, MD in 1982. Fuck you, it's a blog. . . . .

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¡barangus!™ said...

Google says it will be a 18 hour drive. We should leave soon.

And to be specific it is ¡barangus!™. I only claim the trademark. I have not registered it.

Just sayin.