Monday, August 10, 2009

Avoiding the Second Great Depression

No, I’m not referring to professional pursuits; I’m referring to the sinking of the [descriptively-sized] Titanic.

No, not my ego. . . . Watch it!

As some of our vast reading audience may be aware, I’ve been slipping down that

slippery slope
towards the Valley of Depression.

Did I mention slipping?

It’s been a slow slip, so I’ve casually mentioned it and tossed it around on these pages – but it probably looks like my all-too-common melodrama.

Maybe it is.

I’ve talked to a doc about it, but her response was to say of course you’re depressed; have you seen your life !?!?

This wasn’t helpful.

And, of course, I’m eager to avoid these common treatments for severe depression:


rX 2

as the side effects are

So I’m gonna go consult an old, wise man – medically-trained man, of course; I’m nothing if not conventional – and get him to send me to whom or where I best should go next.

I bring it up not to cause ripples in this vast readership, but because – like my alcoholism – I find it very helpful to shine a little light on it and not hide it under my ample belly.

Expect the next few weeks of posts to involve a lotta naked broads.


stoogepie said...

Why isn't the booze working to cure this so-called depression?

Well, whatev. I find that naked chicks are an excellent way to avoid the blues, and much preferable to Rx 1 or Rx 2.

I have found that, when you start to feel sad about nothing in particular, you should do something to make your sadness rational, like punch a cop or steal from your drug dealer. This has worked 100% of the time for me.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I’m so glad you’re seeing a better doctor than Ms. Comedienne – depression is nothing to fool with, and your doc’s not funny if that’s what she was trying to be. If she wasn’t just making a bad joke that you can forgive her for, I’d drop her as toxic.

The right therapist, the right meds, & in the right amount … exploring any of those alternatives requires spending time with somebody who's been well trained in that area & knows what the hell they’re talking about.

Lupner said...

A kudos to you for not doing the silent thing but rather keeping friends informed. Wishing you Godspeed with both conquering the blues and the nekkid broads, my friend.

(No disrepect intended with the 'God' ref -- just sub whatever the atheist term would be . . . )

Strawberry Girl said...

first off, I'm going to tell you that I think unconventionally about depression.

I have dealt with severe depression in the past, mostly by writing endlessly about my childhood and trying to resolve all of my "issues."

In a seemingly unrelated twist of fate, I went through a period of trying to change my diet to be heatlhy.

This led to a total upheavel of my diet and my beliefs. Why, because I went for the conventional way of becoming healthy doing everything that everyone always tells you to do, eat tons of veggies, eat low fat foods, really avoid fat like the plague, eat whole grains (whole wheat stuff) and I found that I became so sick and weak that I could not lift my hand to do my hair in the morning. This because I had never known that I was allergic to wheat, and I had a severe deficiency in Omega-3 and other healhty oils. Once I resolved these two major antagonists to my health I started to feel better though it was a long time before I felt well most (but not all) of the time. So I had to re-evaluate a lot of what I believed to be true about diet and about life really.

The point of telling you this is that I think there is a lot more to depression than meets the eye, there can be other reasons besides for your (perhaps) messed up childhood or a lack of "medication." I wish you luck with finding out what is happening to make you depressed, depressions a beast.