Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sir Paul Weren't Bad

As an unrepentant, certified Paul-basher, I gotta say that he was charming in the interview [which I watched on the Web this AM]. Can't say if it's age, or calculation, or weariness with being the "ON" Paul, but the mellower model worked for me in a huge way. I found him engaging, endearing, and entertaining.

As for the rooftop sequence -- I didn't see it as aired, so I don't even know what went out ["Get Back" and something from the latest Fireman release?]. The extended set, beginning with "Coming Up," sounded great, and he really looked and sounded great. And, again, didn't seem "on," thus making him -- for me -- much more "ON."

I can't believe I'd say "moron" in front of myself. . . .

the extended set can be watched and listened to here.

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