Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Generation, Born in the Last Century . . Jazz in the 'noughties

the reason I missed Sir Paul's Letterman show was

well, I actually had no idea he was playing and would never have caught it,

because I went to see a young jazz pianist play a club gig; he was fronting his combo for what I believe was the first time [billed as his combo] -- certainly his forst Twins gig as "The Adam B Three" [as the band was described -- one of three different names I heard].

Bellotoot, mister muleboy, l'il jimmy watson, and I all headed down together in one beautiful old car, arriving just in time to catch the musicians making their last-minute preparations. A quick bowl o' vegetarian chili at Ben's, and we were ready for the jazz.

The band was excellent -- shockingly good to these old, jaded ears. A bit reluctant to command the stage, a bit respectful and quiet [as they kicked it off], the band were instrumentally gifted and just swung. Or, if you prefer, they cooked. A three-piece combo without horn has to work hard to get me, and they did -- sucked my right in. Ma few standards were presented with originality and a little humour, and the piece that blew me away [and that saw them kick it into a higher gear and demand respect] turned out to be an original -- a tune called "Something Special."

It righteously kicked my ass

["righteously?" where do you see "righteously," ya greaseball?]

Once these guys figure out that they're not boys among men -- they're men among men -- I think they will smoke the joint and be packing in people on weekends. I can see them playing at Small's, and I hope to be there!


Bellotoot said...

Like wow, man, like I dig that crazy jazz cat, Adam B! Always have!

Sir George Martin said...

the timely comments I always expect from you.

you boozed up old witch. I'm so steamed -- you don't know!