Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mediaite debuts

So a new website, Mediaite, has debuted.

It's ostensibly the brainchild of Dan Abrams, formerly managing editor/on-air "talent" at MSNBC.

It's like a million other such sites, but I do like its rankings.
It purports to rank objectively various categories of known folk [e.g. columnists; television personalities; publishers]. For their media influence.


I always wanted to know that Bill Bennett is the 19th most influential "Radio Host" . . .

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

The name -- mediaite -- annoys me as being focus-grouped corporate-branded & expensive-consultant thinked to death, but I can get over that.

And though I haven't read the story yet, its use of free video to illustrate the Why Breaking Character Wins: Bruno and Beyond article looks promising.

I do like rankings and "best of" lists of all kind and don't have a whole lot of patience for knee-jerk list-knocking: The "Oh it's ridiculous to list the 100 best law schools, albums, movies, books, whatever." No it's not ridiculous; it's whaddaya call it, interesting & entertaining, to see what someone else thinks about something you care about.

Some of the objections to rankings really sound like soccer moms & dads demanding "trophies for everyone!"

Maybe you have to be a baseball fan to fully appreciate the pleasure of statistics and rankings ...