Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Walked, No. 4

COuldn't make it past minutes seventeen of Cheri the latest Stephen Frears costume drama [from the Belle Epoque] starring Michele Pfeiffer.

I've explained that I'm in the tank for most movies, but have also explained that my early exits from flicks are not always comments on the movie as much as on

My Teeny Head Full O' Shit and Anxiety About Something Else.

Cheri was somewhere in the middle.

I kinda didn't want to be there. But the movie also left me cold cold cold. By the fourth scene that was obviously just established as A SCENE -- possibly driving the narrative, but largely conceived by all concerned as a three-minute piece, to be linked with many other three-minute pieces -- I had had more than enough.

I also feared that I would not see M. Pfeiffer nekkid, thus letting all remaining air out o' the tyre [so to speak] . . . .


¡barangus!™ said...

Have we seen Public Enemies?

Jean Siskill said...

We have not.

We are slightly frightened by some of the reviews.

We like Depp. We like Bale. We like Mann. We fear this film.

We sat through The Proposal.

We expected to want to walk out.

We liked it; trad Hollywood fluff fare, delivered with a little brio and somehow made real in the face of implausibility.

are't thee going to see Public Enemies?

¡barangus!™ said...

We sawed on the fourthily of Julee.

I liked it much for it's icy coldness and brutality. My associate did not like so much.

I would say that your former on-air partner, Eburt nailed it pretty well in his review.

If you see it I would love to discuss Mann's use of HD video. Both why it was great and why it sucked.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

As for us, we are taught at an early age that all Depp movies must be seen, at least once. It is our way.

Perchance this weekend ... 'twere best done quickly.