Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

I enjoyed this evening very much.

I drove to a secluded spot in a new neighbourhood that has a view of the local minor-league ballpark.

Not Nationals Park, which is minor-league n performance, maor-league in cost. But I digress . . . .

The ballpark offers fireworks after the fun Fourth o' July ballgame.

I saw a few people slip past a picket fence into the woods facing the ballpark; they'd realized [as I had observed] that you could walk to the woods and get right back by the fireworks launchers.

The show was good -- not as spectacular as years past, but loads of fun. The patriarch of what proved to be "the fence family" kept his son on his neck. He and I "hoohed and hahed, wooooh-ed and waaaaah-ed"during the show. English was clearly not the family's first language; it remains a challenge [perhaps not to the kids].

When the big finale wrapped up, the man and I started clapping -- loudly -- with eyes shining. Then, in the middle of a small forest, next to a chain-link fence, we hustled over to each other, arms in a bear-grasp. He choked out "Happy Fourth of July" in broken English at the moment I said it.

It was damned fine

I'm sometimes ambivalent about the Fourth. I know it's a blurred national celebration, but I always get bummed. The Declaration and decision were momumentally brave [or stupid, or both], and a few of the ideas endure and inspire.

But it was mainly a bitchfest about ol' George 3

The Constitution? Aaaaah -- sublime. THAT's where the work goT done. Let's celebrate that fucker.

Oh, wait; we're busy draining it of any vitality. Fear -- of foreigners, death, economic woe,

fear is used, and accepted, to water it down.
every freaking turn I see it becoming less and less important.

One day we'll want it back, but no one "with authority" will be inclined to give it back.

Word of warning this day.

Govt a necessary evil,
but not our friend

when I bitch and moan about the current folks running our legislative and executive and judicial branches, it's not personal.

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