Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brando Giggled

Hey muleboy -- I can top yer entry from yesterday.

Here is the full cast o' Mister Roberts, sans "The Captain." Oh; a missing nurse or two [Betsy?]

I believe that the photo captures the crew from the Captain's point of view, as he lectures to them from the bridge. . . . .

click photo to enlarge

The weird thing -- as incredibly youthful as the joes [and janes] were, they are essentially the correct age.

The coal tender on a boat in the South Pacific in late '44 or early '45 might have been younger than two or three of the actors you see here here.

A second weird thing: do you think today, post-9/11, that a class o' high school students could stroll into the Washington Navy Yard, unattended, parking their cars wherever they wanted to / could, to shoot on one of the Navy ships -- UNsupervised?

Methinks Not.

A challenge to mister parker and bellotoot: see if you can identify [guess] which [young] actor pictured here portrayed CPO Dowdy [portrayed by Ward Bond in the film].

That is all

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Bruce said...

OMFG. I never expected to see that picture again. I was tiny! Front row, just R of C.