Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogging by emall

Blogging by email sucks.


Here on the Great Plains.

But I respect you all, and must beg * you * to provide the content.

Gibson, or Fender

It's Gibson all the way

~ from the hand


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

You don't like our friend the Telecaster? After all he's done for you?

mister muleboy said...

Whoamus, you're my only hope.

I knew this would get something, but I expectedore. Because who doesn't have feelings?

I respect Teles, but what have they ever done for me?

I DO love the '51 Squier, Squire.

I was hoping that Uncle Tom and tomanonymous might get into a pitched battle - they both own all o' the above.

But naaaah; nothing.

You bailed me out- thanks.
I wish I could get on the net; doing any of this by phone six, and I can't go to any of the sites I follow.


emoticons suck too

Tomanonymous. said...

I own no 'real' Telecasters, but I like them more and more as time goes on. The fact that they were the first mass-produced solidbody electric guitars, theus starting the whole thing for real, should not be overlooked neither.

OTOH, a good Les Paul will eat them (and everything else) for breakfast. I'ts almost like cheating.

l'il jimmy watson said...

do you own any "real" STrats?

The natural finish that once sported a skull-and-crossbones seems to me the only "real" anything you own.

Didn't you bolt on yer own TommyGun necks onto your Les Pauls? ;-)

Tomanonymous said...

My Strat XII also sports a genuine Fender logo, despite its Japanese origin. It's reality is somewhat in doubt.