Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Good Day

Watson sent me jpgs of old Intentions photos.

I like the studio pix better than his shitty live ones

Sometimes their records sucked, but sometimes they created a fierce sound.

It's a reason to go out to little clubs all the time.

On any given night, while you're likely to hear unvarnished shit,

you may hear the greatest band in the world.

Of course, they may only be the greatest that night;
the next they might be
unvarnished . . . .


¡barangus!™ said...

Y be there duck tape on the pup selector on the Pro (aka greatest guitar evar)?

l'il jimmy watson said...

My recollecton -- Bill was recording "Blindfold," and wouldhave a semi-Townsend-ish upstroke powerchord on the suspended bit on the chorus -- AND found himself hitting the switch each time.

could be wrong on the song, know I'm write on the probelm.

l'il jimmy watson said...

What -- I get nothing for "write on"?