Friday, June 12, 2009

Word Dick Rears His Head

I know that I long ago wore you folks out -- my persnickety word concerns seem stupid.

But the world is killing me here.

"Impacted" is not a word. It's an abomination.

And why? Because it kills the utility of the noun.

Nouns are shitty words anyway. Verbs are where it's at

["hey verb, where are you at?" ~~ ** shudder ** ~~ ]

but when you have a noun like impact -- a noun that is allusive -- you've got to respect the little bastard.

When the "impact" of something is intended to evoke an "effect like a striking" you've got a powerful little noun.

It already got all kindsa fucked when it got overused, becoming synonymous with the noun "effect."

But to now be synonymous with "affect" -- cripes, we've killed the word.

I hate life.

We'll move on to the verb "to gift" as soon as I load up this revolver . . . .


looking a little further, I learn that modern "usage experts" also seem generally to hate the use of impact as a transitive verb, but that use is not brand-spankin' new. Although some dictionaries note that it's now standard.

So I'm gonna base my revulsion not on the "wrongness" of it, but on the wastefulness of it. It's totally impacting the strength of impact, man


Mister Parker said...

Oh sure, impacted is a word. Impacted wisdom tooth, impacted molar ...

adj. wedged in firmly, embedded; pressed tightly together; overcrowded; of a tooth which is unable to fully erupt (Dentistry)"

Apparently, colons can also become impacted, but I don't want to think about that.

But that's probably not what you're talking about ...

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Yeah, whenever I'm feeling impacted by events i just eat more roughage & in a day or two I'm perfectly fine. And I can save you even more time and bullets Mr. Mule by explaining the intransitive action adverb tense most commonly exemplified by that lovable gerund, "regifting." I looked it up and Bryan Garner says regifting is when you've already done gifted ONCE but now you have to go and RE-gift it again. OK, I hope that helps. :-)