Thursday, June 11, 2009

It was dark, dingy, and stunk like piss.

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It was dark, dingy, and stunk like piss.

-- Baltimore City Paper, 2000

Of all the places that I've ever seen shows, or played shows, only one can consistently bring a good feeling to my heart:

The Marble Bar.

I laugh to learn that Flock of Seagulls didn't want to play that show -- a show I missed, but which lived long in Bill's heart. It achieved near-legendary status -- and almost never happened. BUT for Roger . . . .


Tomanonymous said...

I loved that place. Saw both the FoS and the Johnny Thunders shows.

Keith used to tell stories about the whole subterranian world down there, Including the pool, but I thought it was just myth.

mister muleboy said...

Since Black Market Baby played there every month from 1981 to 1985, I'd listen to those men. . . .

What a club. and the article I linked seemed to get it. Reading about Roger, it was easy to see how a headliner that had driven for eight hours would be told that we were the headliners because he liked us better, and they could accept it or leave.

Love him or not, I was reminded, again, how sucky things became after Roger died.

So you were at both FoS and Thunders -- and Prince during Purple Rain tour?

Don't tell me -- you can't understand Tinkering With Radios' covers of "Pills" and "Subway Train" . . . . .

GAHD I love this theme.

Tomanonymous said...

I can only do 'Pills' if I get to play harmonica.

Seeing as all our songs are now mid-tempo, adding 'Subway' seems superfluous.

Tinkering with Radios is a better album title than a band name anyway.