Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have I Told You About The Evening Rig Yet ??!?I lov

I love this goddamned band. Their latest long-player, Is Doin' Stuff, is some world-class rock and roll.

The songs are "love songs," "drinking songs," "rockin' little songs," but they're actually deep looks into the human condition.

By somebody who'd probably never admit it.

Don't even think about "innovation." You've heard two guitars, bass, and drums [chick drummer -- BONUS!!!!] a gazillion times before. But you'll hear solid playing, a hint o' Scorchers-y, DBT-like grit, and fab melodies. But not Beatle-esque, nor self-consciously melodic. I don't think Jason Miller sits down trying to craft a melody for the ages -- he just rocks out, and melodic wonder ensues.

As for not being innovative -- let me quote myself:

It's like fucking.

Nobody's done anything particularly new in . . . . countless millenia.

But when you get a chance to bang some world-class talent [and The Evening Rig are world-class], you settle down for one hot night.

Run to e-music and CD Baby and buy this delight.

she was a wishing well,
over my head I fell


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Among other screw ups on this particular biz trip o mine I remembered my headphones but forgot my iPod, so i can't verify the following but that never stops me: but i think in addition to jason & the scorchers (very definitely a hint of that; good point) these guys also reminded me in places of some of the fun and unexpected depth in the better phases of Cracker. But yeah a very uniquely fresh sound for 2009 and an absolutely terrific CD; thanks for turning me onto it; i'm in your debt. (The CD is available on iTunes as well.)

Charles Hawtrey said...

Who, I envy you the chances you'll have to see them live -- I don't see much in the way of nat'l touring, and rock and roll is deader than a doornail

[reverse psychology on the GAhds OF BAseball]

so go catch a set.

Sorry 'bout the iPod; I saw that you were out and about for another semi-extended. . . .

I hear the Cracker of which you speak. I then thought of a band WHOLLY UNRELATED to Cracker -- I hear some Neighborhoods, both in songwriting and in playing.

And with Minehan joining forces with Robert Pollard, the Neighborhoods are back on my brain.

Travel safely and get home to yer Tunes

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks and I know you get tired of being asked but, will The Deaf Aids ever get back together?