Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Greatest Band of ALL TimeS

from the ashes of Husky Navarro, snuffed out in its crib by the anonymous one,


from the ashes


[do you get the image?]

the Greatest Band of All Times:

Tinkering With Radios

a tip o' the hat to ol' Tommy Sutpen, creative force behind this musical caravan of punky love. . . .


Tomanaonymous (aka the falsely accused) said...

At least the radio had tubes it it.

Why'd you break up the band, anyways?

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Let's hope Tinkering With Radios doesn't devolve into Bickering With Radios.

Suggested cover: Jungle Love by The Time

Matthew Brady said...


you've doomed them before their first gig.

Hell --before their first practice.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

I've got enough Prince-affiliated cover song suggestions to doom the next two bands as well.

mister muleboy said...

Steve Hansgen and I will put together and all-bassists band.

I figure it'll have to be Erotic City; but maybe you can get us into Apollonia.

Lord knows I wasn't opposed to getting inside her years ago.

Or to quote some anonymous website: Did I tell you about Apollonia's funbags?