Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Count Me As a No

Well, you can now count me as a solid opponent of the president.

I'll concede that he remains am eminently qualified, affable, engaging personality, who has a gift for rhetoric and a willingness to express complex ideas and compound ideas -- all in one sentence! And his personality and personal tale -- his "story" -- remain engaging and invogorating and uplifting.

But I can now measure the policies proposed, the policies implemented, the political calculations and concessions, and the persuasion proffered.

I find them wanting.

My principal disappointment will soon be discussed, or at least amplified, here. And for three-and-a-half [more likely seven-and-a-half] more years. It's not too profound. I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that it's enervating politics-as-usual. Inconsistency, linking of unrelated issues, pandering, and fear are daily tools in the political arsenal o' the administration, and they're tested in underground blast sites and then wielded on an uncaring public -- daily.

Oh, yeah; it's the third pres in a row who's overtly, unapologetically on the side o' jack-booted thugs trampling civil liberties -- I forgot that one.

And the arguments mustered, that we'll enhance our physical safety, are equally applicable to the dismantling of every civil liberty enumerated in the Bill of Rights and enhanced or maintained in the intervening centuries; they reflect a balance that we rejected in the late Eighteenth Century, and now apparently are willing to accept.

But the guy's a juggernaut. Anyone who complained about a soft, compliant press in the past should be foaming at the mouth. But I don't think they are; yet.

We finally have a president that *I'd* wanna have a beer with [ I can't beLIEVE that I'd say "have a beer" in front of -- me!], and who I think talks like me and walks like me. We're sympatico ["¡simpatico!"]. He's my kinda guy, just not my kind of president.

Not that it matters -- destroying what I value in America is a time-honoured presidential goal. The only one I've liked so far is Wm. Henry Harrison . . . .

Of course, if the GOP were to run a candidate who resembles their most recent offering, and they seem like they have any chance o' prevailing, I'll again cast my ballot for My Man Barry.

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