Friday, June 12, 2009

Blood donor -- yeah, for years.

Platelet donor -- virgin.

Just scheduled the two-hour deal for early next week.

Will wait out the weekend to ensure no aspirin products are consumed.

I got bitches comin'


Anonymous said...

huh? platelet donor?
I would welcome more specifics because I have a friend in hosp. who seems to need to keep getting platelets, but I thought they came in blood.

bigglesby said...

I have consulted with mr. watson, our friend and occasional contributor to this blog.

You may know him.

He suggests that the donor is hooked up to a machine that yanks yer blood outta yer arm, separates the platelets, and returns the remainder o' the blood to the donor.

One platelet donation can give a more focused output: According to one blood clinic:

Making an automated or “apheresis” donation means that you provide a particular blood component or set of components such as red blood cells, plasma and/or platelets. This technology enables us to collect specific components and return the uncollected components safely back to the donor via the automated process.

During the automated blood collection process, blood flows through single-use sterile tubing into a centrifuge chamber that “spins” your blood and separates the whole blood into various components. Each component is collected into a waiting bag. Component procedures take a little longer, but they are safe for you and highly efficient for patients. Each blood component is unique and important:

* Platelets
One platelet donation yields as many platelets as normally present in six whole blood donations. Platelets are given to help stop bleeding in patients recovering from cancer, leukemia, open-heart surgery, and transplant surgery. A platelet donation typically takes 90 minutes. You can donate platelets every 14 days.

I like the idea that, if it's not too big a pain [literally], I can go back every couple'a weeks -- not because I'm special, but because one smart blood clinic dude called to let me know that they needed platelets, and that it's a different process. . . .

on to other painful topics: will you be able to abide a summer with neither Nick Johnson, nor Manny Acta?

this has been oh-so-painful