Monday, May 4, 2009

Today's Quiz, No. 2

Without resort to the Wikipedia, or the Internetificated sites,

can anyone here tell me by what name Leonard Slye was better known?


More quiz tomorrow.

I can give hints upon request. Comments area would be good


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

The only 2 Leonards i know are Cohen & Skynyrd & this aint them so ... i need a big fat hint or 3. But i should say if you have to be smart to get the answer i give up right now.

P.S. re virgins, yeah who was that guy who was promising all that virgin stuff anyway? What was his name again? :-)

rodger eburt said...

Fat Hint No. 1: Elton John sang to Leonard

during the "good" part of Elton John's career

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dang I didn't know anything about Elton even when he was good, as everyone keeps telling me was. I do like rocket man on the radio though.

OK, it can't be billy joel because they couldn't have known each other in the day.

I know Elton played with Lennon on something or other -- get you thru the night? But I don't think Lennon ever used Slye as a pseudonym. And Elton must have serenaded Bernie Taupin(sp?) all the freaking time, so it can't be him. So I don't know, i tell you, I don't know!

Can i ask: is the person we're looking for a musician?

rodger eburt said...

hmmmmm -- the entry doesn't rea;;y merit the attention.

Technically, while Elton sang to and about Leonard, the lyric was written by Taupin.

New clew -- Leonard has very likely fed you.

He fed me almost daily in high school.

He still feeds people on the New Jersey Turnpike. . . .

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks Roger, & well I know Elton sang to Daniel My Brother who was older than him -- but he couldn’t have fed me in high school; he was leaving on a plane.

Fed us in high school? Damn these scary clews! I think of all my favorite fast-food guys of yore: Col. Sanders, Mr. Kroc, Mr. King of Burger. But umm … no.

As more superfluous further evidence of how clewless I am despite The Gift of Two Clews starring Basil Rathbone, if it weren’t for the New Jersey Turnpike thing I was going to ask if by fed in high school you might have been referring to having been fed in the Jefferson Airplane sense of feeding one’s head, in which case my guess was going to go where no blogger with a desperately needed job should go.

New Jersey Turnpike!??! Truly, the only thing I know about the New Jersey Turnpike is that Paul Simon counted all the cars on it when he was looking for America.

Permission for yet another clew? And this one for the simple?

rodger eburt said...

Hmmmm -- what would be helpful, but keep alive the spirit.

Leonard was a very popular performer, leaving a trail of film and television appearances in parts of six decades
[the thirties, the forties, the fifties, the sixties, the seventies and -- you guessed it -- the eighties], all while establishing his assumed name as an archetype

This gives a lot of information, but isn't really a helpful clew.

I'm difficult that way.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Your Don Rickles post gave me a (probably bad) idea:

Bob Hope?
James Cagney?
Jimmy Durante?
Tony the Tiger?
oh -- Don Rickles?

Getting warm, or still so freaking cold it's pathetic?

mister muleboy said...

WAU - you remain cold, but are warming. Nothing pathetic, though - I've offered up little information.

So here goes: Leonard was a musician, but his iconic status was not really as a musician. Leonardprobably didn't invent the Double-R-Bar Burger, but he purveyed them. And Leonard loved his wife and a famous family "pet."


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dang, happy trails to you roy -- and dale & trigger! Excellent clues all along; i was just slow. Thanks for the quiz, man; plus the whole Leonard Slye thing is amazing.