Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thums Up for Goodbye Solo

I would normally leave the film reviews up to Rodger Eburt, but he seems busy, so I thought that I'd weigh in with a quick, but hearty recommendation of Goodbye Solo.

You may already have heard of this flick: Roger Ebert is vocal in his praise [and is sending his praise out there, strongly, into the blogosphere]. The reviews are very, very good, and are also all over the place. And the limited release is expanding. But most of you probably know it because the Mythical Monkey mister parker is a fan of Red West.

And Red West is very, very good.

Not being a film critic, I won't try to start now. I'll just say that the plot has a cab driver and a passenger enter into a strange deal. A relationship develops.

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I was less interested in the relationship than I expected, and more interested in the two characters. That will sound odd. But where they went as a couple meant less to me than their unflagging, unyielding selves. They changed, but only in what they knew and what they experienced; the men are true to their predispositions and principles, and the actors were true to the characters they portrayed.

A number of other writers have already touched on something that I thought was my brilliant insight -- the film's closest cousin is, imho, Happy-Go-Lucky, another little flick I've touted here.

Get out and see this movie if summer blockbusters don't taste right.

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