Monday, May 4, 2009

technology update

So one of our contributors here was thinking of getting this for his daughter as a birthday computer:

I assume that the unidentified contributor is also considering getting his daughter a car:



Tomanonymous said...

that's it! The reuion is off.

i said good-day.

Besides, I think it's improtant to be able to do math in your head and have well-developed leg muscles. Is that so wrong, sir?

Sunny Jim said...

hubbell asked Steve Hansgen if he would be willing to replace you


hey, I assume that jamming on mothers' day is a no-no. am I right?

yer pal,

tomanonymous said...

Depends. She won't want to do anything before noon anyways.

Father's day is out, however, since I can't stand you guys ;-)