Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuck Texeira -- that dummy

I have no idea why anyone would respect Mark Texeira.

He passed on a chance to play in Washington, DC. Near his hometown. Why, he'd be here, in his DC apartment, at least 14 days out of every summer month.

He passed on a chance to make less money.

He passed on a chance to play in front of a baseball-savvy, baseball-hungry crowd in DC.

He passed on an offensive juggernaut in favour of a Yankees lineup.

He passed on the challenge of overcoming adversity. Wrestling the lead back from a game Pittsburgh team, only to have a reliever hand that lead back in fifteen pitches. Five straight balls, one hit-by-pitch, and a monster shot later.

He passed on the opportunity to play in a relatively-new stadium, with only one year under its belt. Instead of a brand-new stadium.

And Nats Park is only one-third full; he passed on the opportunity to move, and breathe, and play without all of that crowd noise to bother him.

What a schmuck.

What a dummy.

What was he thinking?

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