Friday, May 15, 2009

The Evening Rig

I think the band The Evening Rig is my new Favourite Band In The World.

I don't visit MySpace, but I'm told they have a page here.

"Right Where She Wants Me" and "The Steve McQueens" are two tunes from their newest longplayer that move me. But "Hilltop Pines" from a prior record grabs my 'nads as well.

I think we can expect a May Bees-style push in the near future. . . .

except I think this music may appeal to way more people who read this than Drop Little Boy; that could be because my friends love the Replacements, Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, the Old '97s, and Tommy Keene a little more than Frank Black and the Pixies.

I love all of that shit, tough guy. . . .

1 comment:

Little Johnny Jewel said...

"Sounds like what bands from Minneapolis typically sound like, but not that good"

...their description of their sound

yep, I'm in.