Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Playbills UP for Mary Stuart and The Watercoolers

photo by the New York Times. Fair non-profit use, baby! Robert Stanton not pictured.

As loyal readers of this blog [all eleventeen of you] know,

we enjoy following the professional pursuits of our artistic friends. The last year has seen a resurgence of activity, with records released, shows and showcases played, plays produced and performed, movies released, and awards received.

Today, we celebrate those young Room 137 alums, Robert Stanton and Thomas Michael Allen.

Robert, who was mentioned just two weeks ago in our preview post for Gigantic*, is back in the Mulenews: Mary Stuart opened on Broadway to excellent reviews.

I'm not a theater critic, but I can rely on others. The New York Times called the play "spectacularly entertaining"! Reviewer Ben Brantley especially liked . . . Robert Stanton as a terminally naïve courtier.

Kudos, bub!

Thomas Michael Allen, our lifelong friend [well, since age 14], was also in the news. Tom has enjoyed a tremendously successful career on stage and screen [co-creating the ubiquitous smash Tony n' Tina's Wedding, among other things], and his performances on the stage, television and film often have been featured on this here blog. In late February, he joined his wife Sally to receive a Spotlight Award for their ensemble production The Water Coolers.

Tom recently turned his sights to transforming the hit off-Broadway show, which he created and co-wrote, into a self-sustaining company. The company produces shows nationally, and was awarded the outstanding ensemble production by the premier corporate events organization in the world.

Kudos, bub!

* Jestaplero, PMT, and Muleboy all caught a screening of Gigantic in Manhattan. Review forthcoming; Thums Up!


The Jestaplero said...

I comp[letely forgot to mention....EriSmi and I took my parents to see this last weekend. "It was EXcellent!"

mister muleboy said...

mister Stanton related that've had convened with you two, and with Win and Ruth. Mayhaps a Broadway night out?

Was the play hard to score fix? I'm hoping to see it.

Do you have a Spring DC trip coming anytime soon?

Looking for Jestaplero time!