Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robert Stanton in Gigantic opening near you soon -- I HOPE!

So let's ask ourselves the patently rhetorical question: would we want to see a movie that features our man Robert Stanton as James Weatherby, the successful surgeon/older brother o' protagonist Brian (Paul Dano)?

Another one: would we want to see it more if it also featured Zach Galifianakis, the beloved crazy person who has left us in stitches since the moment he entered our universes?

A third: do we want to see it more with Ed Asner as the pops? If you think not, consider the possibilities. . . .

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Robert Stanton stands photo right, above a prone Ed Asner

As you know, I don't get John Goodman. He also features prominently.

But did I mention the starlet Zooey DeSchanel stars opposite mister dano as the love interest?

My former co-star and colleague Roger Ebert gave the flick two and one-half stars, noting that it's not great, but that it shows flashes of true greatness.

By christ, they've got ME sucked in.

It's opening at my theater in Chicago tomorrow. It's in a very limited distribution to various cities around the country.

It's scheduled to get to Springfield, Missouri before it gets to Washington DC.

I am some almighty bummed and pissed off.

But patience, grasshopper!

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lupner said...

Don't suppose there's any chance they might pick Richmond as one of those cities . . . . naaahhh . . .